Transportation Camp West

An "unconference" to foster discussion / innovation

Transportation is a major metropolitan issue, with direct impacts on economic strength, environmental sustainability, and social equity. Recent advances in technology—mobile computing, open source software, open data and APIs, and spatial analysis—present an opportunity to improve mobility more immediately and at a lower cost than has ever been possible in the past.

TransportationCamp is an "unconference" bringing together transportation professionals, technologists, and others interested in the intersection of urban transportation and technology. A project of OpenPlans, TransportationCamp raises awareness of this opportunity and builds connections between disparate innovators in public administration, transportation operations, information design, and software engineering.

The 2nd-ever Transportation Camp in the SF Bay Area was held on November 16, 2013, and principally sponsored by Young Professionals in Transportation (YPT SF Bay), UC Berkeley's Department of City & Regional Planning, and University of California Transportation Center. I volunteered with a small team of transportation professionals to bring the unconference to Berkeley campus. The event was a success, with nearly 200 attendees and over 20 topics discussed! I played Jill of many trades, from event photographer to sponsorship hustler to t-shirt/wayfinding/poster designer.

The unconference kicked off with keynotes from leaders in the transportation field: Kevin Novak, Senior Data Scientist at Uber; Michal Migurski, Chief Technology Officer at Code for America; and Ed Reiskin, Director of Transportation at the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency. Afterwards, attendees agendized and gathered for transpo/tech talk.

Many fruitful conversations started: Frank Proulx, Stephanie May, Eric Fischer, and Matt Moehr, among others, played with bike count data. Ian Johnson presented the results from "Hack the BART strike." Eric Fischer led a discussion on how green waves work. More than 20 topics were discussed, from GTSF to social equity and transportation (even one for "No one wants to carry grocery bags on the bus!"). I'm happy to have been part of the planning committee, and for making connections!

Learn more about TransportationCamp, and see more photos from the unconference on Flickr.