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Tools & Inspiration

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What Would Danielle Dai Do? Friends have asked me how to make something pretty, or how I learned this and that. Here are some of my tools and inspiration -- what are yours? Feel free to holla back.

This site was built with Pure, which I discovered through this List of Minimalist Frameworks (via Hacker News).

From the toolbox

I find the best way to learn is to do -- to work on a project and problem-solve your way through. I learned much from past work experiences, Plan Preparation Studio, and other city planning & transportation engineering coursework. Here are particular resources I've used to further my education, and some of my favorite tools:

I can not overstate the importance of connecting with people -- people are often the best resource to learn from! There are more and more opportunities to interact, socialize, and learn:

Oh, the places you'll go!

As a transportation plangineer, to create great connections and vibrant communities, I firmly believe in learning and taking inspiration from your surroundings. Look around you! As heard at TRB: "Want to be 'outstanding' in the field? You need to be 'out standing' in the field."

My parents fostered a love of travel at a very young age, and my exploration of places continues to this day. Here are a few places that have inspired my passion for transportation, and have shaped my views of great places -- from Taipei, Taiwan (where I was born), to Manalapan, New Jersey (where I was raised), to Chicago (where I was schooled), to Beijing (where I studied abroad), to the San Francisco Bay Area (my home-base today).

Stay warm!